Welcome to M.P. Patel B.Ed College

Welcome to M.P. Patel B.Ed College

Shri M.P.Patel B.ed.College of Education was established in 14 fulfillment of the dream of late of Shri Bhagvanjibhai Meghjibhai Patel., Shri M.P.Patel B.ed. College Of Education has renewed its pledge to become a top class institute by rising its internal capabilities and networking with other institute of repute and industries giants.. February 2005 as the

The present economic scenario of Morbi. after highly destructive disaster like machuchu -2 flood in 11-08-1979, Cyclone on 9-6'98 and earthquake on 26-1-'01 declares it as the fastest developing region in the country. The investment in this region has soared up to Rs. 15000 Crores and has amplified the development of the Morbi. region and posted it as the most rapidly developing region of the country. The richness of culture heritage of Mani Mandir ,Jultopul, L.E. Engineering college takes you to the amazing journey of infinite colors, creativity and unconquerable human . Morbi is also well known for Tiles vitrified world industries. It is also well known for clock manufacturing..

Shree M.P.Patel B.Ed & Sci. College

Mar 30,2016
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